• Edwige Lelièvre

Roleplay as a creation form and a source of inspiration in RPG virtual worlds

2012 / Esthétique, Arts, Design - Information et Communication / Chapitre

Chapter published Virtual worlds, Artificial Ecosystems & Digital Art Exploration, Science-eBook, 2012.


Online roleplaying games, also called MMORPGs, are the most popular virtual worlds. A recurrent criticism about them is that they would offer only a succession of repetitive tasks. Exceptionally rich and complex player creations, challenge these comments. In this paper, we will study a specific aspect of these worlds: the “roleplay”, that is at the same time a creation form and a source of inspiration. We will begin by explaining what roleplaying means, in what way this practice is different in virtual worlds than in tabletop and live action roleplaying games. We will then examine player creations, divided in three parts: rule systems and events, writings and visual creations, as well as their motivations and creation process.